Photography by Melissa Joy

Untitled photo

If you look closely, you’ll find the world is alive with stories. Written deeply into the details around us are intricate plot lines – the curve of a rooftop in conversation with a wrought-iron fence, the rhythmic pattern of rock on a hillside, the intimate choreography of reflection on a rippling bay. With my camera, I aim to call attention to these details so often missed, overlooked as we rush and move through the demands of our days. The soul of my work is a question – will we stop, will we see? Will we listen to the stories unfolding all around us?

Though I picked up my first camera at the age of 5, my passion for photography emerged with the digital age. Armed with the freedom to take thousands of photographs of the details that fascinate me, I began to cultivate my photographic voice. Through study and experimentation, I expanded my work from photo-journalistic documentation to include the creation of abstract images that convey my unique way of experiencing the world. My images implore the viewer to look closer, to become attuned to the possibility of beauty constantly, stubbornly surrounding us.

It is my hope that my work will be for others what it is for me – a practice of presence and awareness that spills over into all aspects of life. May the stories I capture inspire you to keep your eyes open to the drama, decadence, and life happening in the most ordinary places, the beauty being born in the middle of the mundane. The world is alive with stories, and I hope to help tell them, to capture and keep them, to bring them to light.

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